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Investing in Iliad shares is finally possible. The French giant, after landing in Italy, has had (and continues to have) a not indifferent success.

Many have decided to invest in Iliad, a well-known French telecommunication company that has arrived in Italy with really advantageous mobile offers.

To invest in stocks will be appropriate to understand how to play on the stock exchange, to do so, you will need to operate with CFD Trading.

The CFD Trading is a mode of online trading that allows you to invest in the stock market, among the platforms available to do so, we recommend these three, 100% secure because authorized by CySEC and CONSOB:

  • Plus500;
  • Markets;
  • 24option.

Once you choose the platform, we recommend you to open a free demo account, to learn how CFD Trading works.

Short Description Iliad

Iliad, as we have already mentioned, is a French telecommunications network recently arrived in Italy. In France, it is the fourth wireless telephone operator based on the number of subscribers. The company is very famous for its low prices, in reference to both mobile and wireless. Iliad’s entry into the market took place in 2012 and it has been very aggressive because it has moved a great price war. Landed in Italy in 2016, currently has more than 10,000 subscribers.

Investing in Iliad Shares With CFD Trading

The possibilities to invest in Iliad shares with CFD Trading are within the reach of experienced users, but also for those who need to deepen their knowledge about CFD Trading. So let’s start with what CFD Trading is and then move on to an example to start CFD trading.

A CFD or contract for difference, is a financial instrument that allows you to invest in major financial markets without having to physically own the asset itself.

When you open a position with CFDs on an underlying asset, its purpose is to profit from changes in the market price.

The gains are calculated as the difference between the price of the opening position and the price of the closed position.

Through the use of leverage, the economic exposure in the market increases and potential profits are higher even if you have started with a low investment.

It is possible to open a position on an underlying asset either if the price increases or if the price decreases.

CFDs have many advantages that have increased their popularity in recent years.

With CFDs you can invest in major financial markets such as: single stocks (Google, Apple, etc.), major, secondary and exotic currency pairs, stock indices, commodities (gold, wheat, oil, etc.), cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), ETFs.

Now we will explain how to start trading CFDs in a few simple steps.

The first thing to do is to choose the market you want to invest in, we find a wide range of assets to choose from, currency pairs, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and much more.

Now after you have chosen the underlying asset, you have to decide whether you want to buy or sell.

When you will go on the platform you will have two prices one is the sell price and one is the bid price.

The price of the CFD is based on the price of the underlying instrument.

The next step is to select the size of the CFD you wish to trade.

Now you have to add stop loss and limits, this will help to guarantee profits and limit losses. Now that you have opened your position and determined all the limits, the trade needs to be monitored and if your prediction is correct you can close your trade and take profits.

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