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Is Bitcoin Revolution Really a Way to Earn on Bitcoin?

The web and websites in the industry are not at all convinced of it is in fact just search Bitcoin Revolution on Google (as you probably did to find yourself here) to read and discover that it is a system unclear as many others already seen, Bitcoin Code, Cryptorevolt just to name a few.

Sites and platforms that try to earn money through Bitcoin, playing on the trust of users, are many and others will surely come.

Let’s start by telling you that those who have earned or earn with Bitcoin definitely have not used or use Bitcoin Revolution.

The solutions used are definitely different, such as relying on and using the best regulated brokers like 24option that offer clear and secure solutions and not opaque systems like Bitcoin Revolution.

Today it’s not easy to invest with Bitcoin and have earnings, there are many Bitcoin scam sites that have appeared, especially in the last 3 years, with the aim of deceiving users.

Bitcoin is the first and most famous cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization.

Only in 2017 it has made many traders and people dream and even reached the threshold of 20 thousand dollars in value, resulting in a dizzying rise in the market, the same market that, however, during the past year, then collapsed dramatically.

Is Investing in Bitcoin a Scam?

Investing on Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency (but we can say invest in general on any asset) is not easy, especially if you do not do it taking the right precautions, taking the necessary time, but basically with due preparation on the subject.

If you are not vigilant you can also be the object of scams, because you trust or are fascinated by promises that are difficult to realize as those promised by Bitcoin Revolution.

Investing in Bitcoin and with cryptocurrency is difficult because of the volatility of the market, but it is also almost impossible to invest 100/200 euros and think of becoming rich, as is stated by many of these platforms.

From this basic concept have started various scams and as many broker scams, mainly due to the growing popularity of Bitcoin, which has meant that many of them have been linked or are linked to this name.

We tell you right now that all this has nothing to do with Bitcoin and classic investments.

These sites are born with the intent to deceive users with the promise of easy earnings for all, even those who have no basis or any preparation on the subject in question.

Thinking that trading online on Bitcoin is a simple thing is wrong, and it’s a little bit simplistic to think about investing in these assets and becoming a billionaire.

So investing in Bitcoin is not as simple as investing in the financial markets.

Even less so if you invest with brokers or unregulated online trading sites like those used by Bitcoin Revolution.

Investing in Bitcoin Seriously

To invest seriously in Bitcoin you have to start from the concept that all platforms like Bitcoin Revolution that make promises of easy money in a short time should be absolutely avoided because either they are scams or unregulated platforms.

To invest seriously and efficiently you have to choose the right platforms with the right tools.

So you can choose to invest and trade with cryptocurrency and Bitcoins through CFD (Contracts for Difference) trading.

CFDs are derivative instruments that give you the ability to speculate on the price fluctuations of the asset without the need to actually buy it.

Buying or trading with Bitcoins is not the same thing that many mistakenly say.

To earn money with Bitcoins or cryptocurrencies you don’t just need to buy them.

Everyone can buy or sell Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, to do so just use professional and serious wallets.

If instead you just want to earn on price changes, and better choose to make investments by trading with CFDs, which in addition to the cryptocurrency can be used for shares and other assets bringing gains even in case of negative trend of the market chosen.

The important thing is to guess the asset’s performance by opening a correct position.

With CFDs, however, particular attention must be paid to leverage, a multiplier that gives you the ability to open positions with a higher sum than the initial deposit.

Thanks to leverage it is therefore possible to significantly increase profits, but this happens at the same time in the case of losses using this instrument.

Is Investing in Bitcoin Revolution Safe?

Definitely not!

Bitcoin Revolution is not safe and does not work, those who tried to invest in Bitcoin through this platform not only did not make any gains, but also lost their deposited funds.

To defend yourself from systems like Bitcoin Revolution the only option is not to choose them.

Bitcoin Revolution as and How it Works

Bitcoin Revolution is a product that is proposed as a software, which is made available to a limited number of users, or is what they want to make believe, to earn through the possibilities that Bitcoin offers.

As soon as you enter the official website you have in front of you a video with news and interviews about Bitcoin, with written in plain sight to make the registration immediately, because soon it will not be possible anymore.

The steps for the registration are simple, on the form that is always on the homepage you will have to enter your data with a valid email and phone number, once made you will be required a deposit of 250 euros or dollars, a recurring figure in all the most famous online scams of recent times.

Once the deposit is made, if it doesn’t disappear, keep reading and you will understand, you can start using the miraculous automated software that will earn money.

Too bad that when the system starts making transactions the deposited funds are at risk if not already lost.

Those who create and manage these programs are only interested in taking commissions on you, so there is no hope that this software will work.

The software is calibrated to randomly hit the trading result, and very quickly it will make you lose your deposited assets.

Whoever is behind Bitcoin Revolution, however, is one step ahead, because once the first deposit goes up in smoke, you will be contacted with various justifications about unforeseen events in the system, with the intent to get more money invested in the system and try again.

Some unfortunate users also had the disappearance of the deposit immediately after making it, and contacted back later with the usual explanations to make the deposit again.

Unfortunately many people tend to actually fall for this part of the scam as well…avoid this and keep your assets to invest for other safer methods.

Financial regulators such as CONSOB or CySEC, financial broker regulators such as 24option, can do absolutely nothing to help people who fall into fictitious online trading transactions, which by the way do not work.

Almost always you are dealing with companies that are based in tax havens where CONSOB or CySEC have no power.

Bitcoin Revolution Series Alternatives

It should seem pretty obvious to you that Bitcoin Revolution is not reliable.

Looking for legitimate alternatives is the best way to invest and trade online with Bitcoins.

You can then choose to invest and trade with regulated and authorized Forex and CFD brokers which, unlike Bitcoin Revolution and the like, warn you of the risks you run by investing in online trading with Bitcoins and using CFDs.

These brokers are subject to control by the relevant bodies and are authorized by CONSOB or CySEC.

It is convenient to choose these brokers so as not to fall into scams or unclear situations.

To give you a chance to try out the trading platform, on many of them, you can open a free demo account which is used to make virtual trading operations and to get familiar with the platform itself.

This is a very important factor because it does not allow you to lose real money when you are not yet familiar with the subject and you want to carry out tests and strategies.

Invest in Bitcoin with 24option is one of the best global brokers, considered in the industry to be a leader in online trading.

A legitimate and reliable broker, it is authorized to trade and supply its financial products within the European Economic Area thanks to its CySEC license in Cyprus. is one of the easiest to use brokers, suitable for novice traders.

In addition to offering advanced and intuitive platforms, beginner traders can draw information from the training, guidance and support services that offers through eBooks, webinars, video seminars.

In addition, the broker gives all its clients free access to Trading Central, where they can find advanced analysis and historical data, real-time news and quotes, economic calendar, and an alert service to keep up to date with the latest developments and take advantage of all trading opportunities.

Free 24option Demo Account offers all users the possibility to open a free demo account.

Also known as a practice account, a demo account is usually a fully functional version of the live account version, offered to traders to familiarize themselves with the broker’s software in order to register for a real money account.

The demo account has been created to give the new trader security so that they feel safer before they start trading with real money.

The account is free of charge, with no time limit, and has a deposit of €100,000 in virtual currency.

The demo account can also be used after opening a live account, to test various trading strategies without risking your money.

In addition to this offers an educational program completely created by them to give novice traders a solid knowledge of trading before they start trading with real money.

Invest in Bitcoin with XTB Brokers

The XTB broker is one of the most important listed Forex and CFD brokers in the world, with several locations in countries such as UK, Poland, France, Germany and others.

The broker provides its clients with various trading opportunities on a wide range of financial instruments including Forex and CFDs, on various economic markets such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, stock indices and more.

XTB has a list of additional policies for traders including negative balance protection, which means that any losses cannot exceed the funds in your account.

Mobile trading alerts, 24-hour customer support 5 days a week, and real-time news to keep traders up to date with the latest market movements are just some of the services provided.

A reliable broker is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and CySEC of Cyprus, XTB participates in the compensation fund which provides all XTB users with compensation in case of bankruptcy up to €20,000.

Free XTB Broker Demo Account

Like most brokers, the XTB broker also has a demo account.

When you open an account with XTB you can choose which platform you want to trade with, whether with its xStation 5 or MT4 platform, and the type of account you want standard or PRO.

The XTB demo account has the same trading conditions as when opening a live account.

The account is available only for four weeks, and is useful to test the services offered by the broker, practice and understand trading.

You can test various market theories in a highly secure environment, which exactly replicates the conditions of a live account.

The broker allows various ways of trading, even the most complicated ones that are difficult for brokers to manage, such as scalping.

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