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In the world of online trading, there are many crypto currency trading platforms.

The choice is very wide and often one wonders which is the best platform to invest in Cryptocurrency Trading.

Let’s start by telling you that online trading platforms are financial institutions that allow traders to invest in online financial markets, from their computers, using an internet connection.

Investing with online trading platforms means choosing to focus on Forex Tradingo and Trading CFD, as is the case with cryptocurrency trading.

The platforms are provided by trading brokers and are the means that allows the Trader to trade online.

Let’s say that brokers are called real agents for traders, because they offer Traders the tools to buy and sell the cryptocurrency they are interested in.

Among the many platforms with which you can trade as an expert, there are MetaTrader and cTrader.

While if you are a beginner and want to learn how to trade, we specifically recommend three brokers:

  • The 24option CryptoCurrency Trading Platform;
  • The XTB CryptoCurrency Trading Platform;

The eToro Currency Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Each of them offers specific advantages that you should definitely take advantage of.

24option allows you to take advantage of a free online trading ebook to theoretically learn the key concepts that are the basis of online trading.

XTB offers a completely free demo account to all those who decide to trade for the first time. You won’t need any deposit to get started and you can use it for 30 days. This will help you on a practical level and you will have a chance to improve from the very beginning.

The trading interfaces that these two brokers offer you are very simple and we recommend you to try them both from web browser and mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

If you prefer to rely on the advice of more experienced traders for your trades, try eToro Social Trading.

You can take advantage of the skills of other traders on your trades or you can copy the trades they execute completely.

That said, we leave you with a table that contains the best brokers to start trading right now.

Best Online Trading Platforms

Why invest in the cryptocurrency market?

Essential because the cryptocurrency market is growing.

Unlike traditional currencies, crypto-currencies do not belong to a central body.

Analysts say that with crypt currencies investors can benefit from a long-term investment.

Predicting what the markets will do in the short term is very difficult, so it is possible to take advantage of the new currencies thanks to their unstoppable long-term rise.

The large market capitalization has increased liquidity and reduced the volatility of electronic currencies which have become more attractive than traditional currencies.

The crypto-currency market is volatile, and there is a real opportunity to take huge profits from the following currencies:

The Bitcoin now proclaimed as the currency of the future;

The Ethereum as the future of internet transactions (currently the second most capitalized crypt currency).

We can certainly say that in a long term perspective it is easy to notice the increasing nature of the value of the crypt currencies, but there is a lot of uncertainty in the future.

Bearing this in mind, today it seems more appropriate to choose Ethereum than Bitcoins.

The Bitcoin has reached amazing historical values for a currency, a record that comes while all the other currencies are getting stronger.

To invest in Bitcoin is better to try online trading.

Because you need considerable economic strength, or you can wait for a reduction in value in the confidence of a subsequent rise.

Many users are turning to more economically favorable currencies, just think of Altcoins that have a higher trading flow than Bitcoins.

However, despite the rising stars and confirmations of other e-currencies, Bitcoin is still the most desired currency crypt, consecrating it in first place, a main gateway to the crypt currencies.

Recently, there has been a growing interest in cryptocurrencies since their recovery in the market.

The development of cryptocurrencies coincides with new inflows and the growing interest of the now globally diversified market.

Although cryptocurrencies are newly established, we are facing a new revolution, a faster and more efficient way to invest, buy and trade than the more controlled traditional banking systems.

Digital currencies, will be increasingly used and more and more widespread to the point of affecting the way we live, trade and think.

Will Central Banks and Economic and Financial Authorities let digital currencies spread so fast that they destroy the main power lobbies?

Yet there are many who invest in Bitcoin and profit from it.

However, most do not buy Bitcoins directly but choose to use online trading platforms.

Below we leave you reviews of what we believe are the best to invest.

24option Trading Platform

But now let’s move on to the 24option online trading platform, a company considered a leader in cryptocurrency trading.

Let’s start immediately by telling you that it presents the most important regulations on the market, in fact it is regulated by CySEC, the authority that supervises all brokers based in Cyprus and also follows the European Directive (MiFID) which regulates financial instruments.

You can easily guess that the platform is monitored 24 hours a day, so it is a sign of seriousness and reliability. has been offering its platform to its audience since 2010 and in all these years it has managed to build a very good reputation as one of the most reliable brokers in the online trading market.

Initially, the broker offered binary options trading to its vast clientele, but since 2017 it has specialized in something else, completely abandoning binary options, and started to lay the foundation to make Forex and CFD trading accessible to everyone.

This is also thanks to its innovative trading platform and the many features and services that the broker offers.

Client support is also highly valued, professional and always available.

With 24option you can trade with a regulated broker so that your funds are safe and secure.

With you can trade on the world’s major economic markets, such as commodities, currency pairs, stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies and stock indices, among the most profitable.

On the platform you will find 4 different account types, each with specific characteristics:

  • Basic;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;
  • Vip.

The minimum deposit with 24option is 100 euros and each single transaction starts from a minimum of 24 euros.

Withdrawals will be immediate starting from a minimum of 10 euros, provided you are a verified user.

To become one, you need to send your personal documents. Once you have received confirmation from 24option, you can proceed with the withdrawals which are available through the following methods:

  • Credit card;
  • Skrill;
  • PayPal;
  • Neteller;
  • Bank transfer.

The XTB Platform

There are many opinions on the web about the XTB broker, but most we can assure you that they are very positive.

And we, having tried it several times, agree with these very good opinions.

XTB is considered the fourth largest online trading broker and has millions of clients all over the world.

The broker is known for its low commissions and fast executions, thanks to a platform with a fast and usable interface.

It allows you to invest in a wide range of assets, including: commodities, indices, individual stocks, cryptocurrency, ETFs.

Its award-winning trading platform, xStation 5, offers the trader simplicity and ease of use, has many features and services that help the trader in daily trading, as we have already anticipated earlier.

It also offers security, transparency and reliability, is regulated by many international authorities and to trade in Europe the broker has been licensed by CySEC of Cyprus and authorized to trade in Italy by CONSOB.

In short, we can consider it a broker that meets every trading need and not only, is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced traders.

The eToro Platform

eToro Trading platform was born in 2006 and the main idea was to create a trading platform suitable for beginners and experts.

Over time the company became one of the most important in its field and took the name eToro a few years after it was born.

Nowadays we can say that it is one of the best, also thanks to the “Open Book”, a section in which traders can trade on many markets such as forex, commodities, indices, stocks and in our case, cryptocurrency.

It is very appreciated by users for a very interesting feature, the “Copy trading”.

As we have already mentioned in the preface of our article Copy Trading, also called Social Trading, offers the possibility to inexperienced traders to copy the same identical operations implemented by the most experienced.

eToro has all possible regulations and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and CySEC with license number 109/10.

Thanks to these two important certifications, we can confirm that eToro also complies with MiFID directives.

Etoro offers its users two platforms, one to operate from web and one from mobile.

So that you can view the progress of your operations at any time of the day, always having your smartphone at hand.

The eToro platform offers two different types of account, the standard and the demo account. A minimum deposit of 200 euros is required for both.

If you opt for the demo account, we remind you that your 200€ deposit will hardly ever be used, so that the trader will be free to take advantage of the virtual money offered by the platform without using his own.

To withdraw and receive money the methodologies are the same, you just need to set a card to withdraw money and the same way it will be used for deposit and vice versa.

Another positive note is the assistance of eToro broker, the support service for users is active 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and you can contact him either by email or by calling the phone number you find on the site.

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